ABPS UAIL Campus Rayagada got affiliated to CBSE vide Affiliation No: 1530186.

ABPS,UAIL Campus,Rayagada is a secondary school with classes from Play Class to Class-X. It will be a senior secondary school affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

Utmost priority is given in academics.

1. Special Coaching Classes : are being taken every day for an hour for Classes-VIII to X after schoolhour.

2. Remedial Classes : An hour of Extra care is being taken for the Slow Learners from LKG to Class-VII after regular school hour on all working days except Saturdays.

3. Daily Practice Papers : (DPP) are being distributed to senior students whereas Worksheets/ Assignmentsare being given to the junior children in the printed format.

4. Smart Class : To make learning interesting and enjoyable Smart Boards have been installed in ourschool since July, 2016

5. The subjects taught in the Pre Primary Classes are Languages (English, Hindi), Maths, G.K and Fine Art.

6. In the Primary Classes the subjects taught are Languages (English, Hindi &Odia), Maths, EVS, Fine Art, Music, Dance, and      Physical Education.

In addition to this, school conducts evening classes on Music, Karate (Martial Art), Odissi Dance & Sports.

7. The Examination system is as instructed by CBSE.


Literary activities like Calligraphy Competition for languages- English, Hindi, Odia , Essay Writing Competition in both English & Hindi, Recitation competition in English, Hindi and Odia, Art and craft competition, Speech and Debate Competition, Spell Bee Competition, Reading competition, Mental Maths competition are held in school apart from Dance, Music, Sports competition looking at the need of the children of this belt.